Chamber Leadership News


(Clinton, KY – January 30, 2013) – Chamber of Commerce Sophomore Leadership students Breann Jones, Alex Simmons, Harley Hinshaw and Sydney Harrison chose to focus on creating a logo for Hickman County as their program graduation project. The students researched and came up with four panels representing their home county.  According to the students, the first panel represents the agricultural nature of the community, the second their education, the third the county’s location on the Mississippi River. The fourth panel depicts the importance of family in Hickman County. The students felt that their county is someplace special and decided that would be a fitting slogan for their logo.

 Today, the four now juniors saw their project, once only on paper and  a computer screen, on display at Hickman County High School as a big, bold colorful banner. The expanded version of their vision was painted by art teacher Rick Harrison, who also happens to be Sydney Harrison’s father.

 On the same day the banner went up, visiting the school were Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Bill Cunningham, Court of Appeals Judge Shea Nickell and First District Circuit Judge Tim Langford, who were impressed by the banner. The Judges made a point to seek out program sponsors Beverly Hopkins, Melissa Goodman and Ivan Potter and compliment them on the students’ work. 

 The Leadership Program is a joint effort of the Hickman County Chamber and Hickman County Schools. Government agencies, individuals and businesses contribute time and money to the program, creating a sense of ownership by the community. In common with other student leadership programs, participants visit local businesses and government agencies to learn about their community.

 The Hickman County Chamber Leadership Class has additional features that make it unique. The program is offered at no cost to participants. Students are required to volunteer in the community, and in small teams research a topic of local interest, write a footnoted research paper, prepare a PowerPoint program and present their findings in a competition at the end of year leadership graduation program attended by elected leaders, friends and family. The 2011-2012 program was exclusively sophomores. The 2012-2013 program is exclusively seniors.

 The banner is a permanent installation. After Sydney, Alex, Harley and Breann graduate, future students, faculty and visitors will be enjoying their creativity.