Chamber Leadership Program

What is Chamber Leadership?

The Clinton-Hickman County Chamber of Commerce seeks to build a strong foundation for the cultivation and growth of inspired youth leaders. The Chamber Leadership program identifies young people each year who demonstrate leadership qualities and further develops their leadership potential. Our mission is create experiences for students to see their capacity for influencing community change, and developing within themselves a sense of community involvement and commitment to their community as productive citizens and current/future leaders 


 Group Dynamics include

Group must choose one of the seven problems to address.  Groups will be awarded topics first come first serve. Group must complete Group Assignments,  Timeline, Outline, Group Project Package.  The Project Package includes Presentation,  PowerPoint - Visual Media,  and Media Story. This includes 4 work days.

 Theme Days include

Project Goals:

Goal 1:      Provide opportunity for high school students to learn and practice:

                        (1) personal and team leadership skills;

                        (2) personal perspective and life mapping skills (timelines, career goals,                              networking, lifelong education);

                        (3) interaction with community dynamics; and

                        (4) individual and community problem solving skills.

Goal 2:   Provide a real world problem for leadership class to tackle in such a manner as                to benefit the individual for learning leadership and problem solving skills                          while providing the community the benefit of having local youth generating new                ideas for solving local problems.

Goal 3:    Provide opportunity for Leadership Class to engage as a civic group in                            an ongoing process for a community vision program.

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