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Plant the Town 2012 Update by Mary Potter

posted Mar 26, 2012, 3:03 PM by Melissa Goodman

By: Mary Potter
Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 5:19 pm via

(Clinton, KY – March 14, 2012) – Hickman Countians are preparing to “Plant the Town” in preparation for this year’s Spring Chicken Festival.

“Plant the Town” is the name given to a community volunteer effort to spruce up Clinton, the county seat before the chickens come home to roost (and party) the last weekend of April.

Various groups around this small farming community have talked about launching a beautification effort for several years. Clubs, church and school groups were eager to do something, but where to start was a sticking point.

The sticking point came unstuck in late January with a meeting of twelve volunteers some there representing the Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Club, the Hickman County Arts CounLeft back – Tyler Kirby, Left Front with hat – Josh Evans   Right back blue shirt – Jonathan Gore   Right Front Gray Shirt – Alex Simmons. cil, City of Clinton and Hickman County Schools. 

The group saw a power point presentation of ten “before” places in Clinton as potential landscaping spots.  With lots of choices, the group prioritized creating sturdy rectangular flower boxes and landscaping the three new “Welcome to Clinton” signs installed the year before by the Chamber. The town’s existing flower barrels are nearing the end of their useful life. The barrels will be planted this year- probably for the last time.

The design for landscape timber flower boxes to grace ten down town sites was approved. The two feet wide by four feet high boxes will sit snugly up against their new homes to avoid being a tripping hazard. Merchants who want a box in front of their building will have to agree to make a small donation to defray the cost and, more importantly, to maintain the box after it is planted. Those don’t want to plant the boxes will get help from Plant the Town.Alex Simmons and Josh Evans,

Master Gardeners Katie Beck and Lilly Kimbell are working with Hickman County High School agriculture teacher Emily Harned on potential plantings. The Master Gardeners propose a combination of perennials and annuals with an evergreen planting for year round appeal. Harned and her students volunteered to build the landscape boxes for the project.

Students worked hard to finish the first ten boxes. (See photos). They now rest in Ms. Harned’s room waiting for April and spring to go to their new homes around and about downtown Clinton.

Volunteers will gather on two Saturdays in April- the 14th and 21st - to sweep sidewalks, pick up trash and plant flower beds in anticipation for company coming the last Saturday of the month. Before that happens, gardeners will be making up wish lists and purchasing the right plants and the right soil for the boxes and landscape areas. 

It's all hands on deck to Plant the Town and have a real good time!